Welcome to Roper's Boxers!

Collinsville, Oklahoma

Roper's Boxers is owned & operated by Michael & Brandi Roper. We live on a small family farm just north of Tulsa Oklahoma. We have been raising boxers for over 20 years & can't imagine a life without boxers in it. Michael is self employed & I manage a veterinary hospital & have been a veterinary nurse for 23 years. Michael has had boxers since he was a toddler. Until we met I'd never owned one but I'd always liked them at work due to their sweet personalities. When we started dating he had Duke & an amazing little female named Shasta, both of which you can find on the Retirees page. Shasta quickly stole my heart but Duke was a royal pain in the rear! We lost Shasta suddenly to an illness just before she turned 7 & Duke seemed to grow up overnight. He was the most devoted, loving, & protective companion to our 3 kids until we lost him in the spring of 2013 at 13 years old. After living with Duke for over 10 years I had no doubts that this breed is the best family pet you can have. They're loyal, loving, silly, & they can be fiercely protective - especially of their kids.

Our Breeding & Care Practices

Boxers don't do well with extreme temperatures & should not be kept as strictly outdoor dogs. We built a room for ours in the spring of 2013 by enclosing a covered patio right off of our living room. They've got heat & air as needed as well as 24/7 access to their back yard through a doggie door. There are 3 separate areas in their room where we can keep mommas with puppies or girls that are in heat & need to be kept away from the boys. These areas allow them to see & interact with the pack but also have their own doggie doors & yards with 24/7 access. This allows our puppies to start using a doggie door very early on & they are completely doggie door trained when we send them home. We are very picky when choosing a dog to add to our family & breeding program. We look for healthy dogs with a calm temperament & a very specific look that we like. We do not like overly hyper boxers & will not breed one that is not intelligent & trainable. Some have asked about health testing. We've never done this in the past because through our selection process & the veterinary care we provide we have been confident that we are producing healthy puppies. We also wanted to keep our prices more affordable. If one of our dogs were to produce puppies with potentially genetic problems they would immediately be spayed or neutered & removed from our breeding program. As we add to our pack there will be some of our dogs that do have varying levels of health testing. We strive to produce beautiful, smart, healthy puppies that will be members of your family for years to come. You can keep up with what's going on or see current & previous puppies on our Facebook page. Currently available pups are listed on the Available Boxers page of this site!