Our Facilities

Our dogs have their own room right off of our living room. We don't have a kennel with rows of small cages or crates attached to tiny outside concrete pens. We enclosed & insulated our covered back porch years ago for the dogs & put in dog doors so they can go in and out as they please. Their room connects to our large back yard, not a small dog run. With the exception of heavily bred or nursing mothers & in the heat girls, our boxers never live in individual pens. When the girls are separated from the pack they are still in the dog room, in one of our large full ceiling height kennels with their own large exercise yard & 24/7 access to that yard. They can see & interact with the rest of the pack, they just have a divider for safety. The entire pack regularly has access to our 1 acre front yard & all of our boxers spends lots of time inside with us. As previously mentioned, they're not just breeding dogs here, they're loved & well cared for members of the family.