Roper’s Boxers Wait List Policies & Procedures

We are now offering an official waiting list for a Roper's Boxers puppy. We require a $300 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to be placed on our waiting list. This deposit will be deducted from the purchase price of your puppy. Payments can be made via CashApp, Venmo, PayPal (3% transaction fee will be added), or Facebook Pay. Buyers are placed on the waiting list in the order of the date deposits are received. Puppies will be offered in the same chronological order as received deposits according to the gender & color preferences chosen. To be placed on our waiting list you must select a gender & color. Markings & a second color choice are optional but not required. You can request a certain litter but it is in no way guaranteed that a puppy will be available from that litter.

Before placing a deposit with us, please be certain that you are willing to wait for a puppy. We do our best to predict when puppies are expected & list our planned litters for the year on our Planned Litters page but Mother Nature, genetics, & situations beyond our control sometimes alter our plans. We cannot predict how many pups will be produced or the sex, color, or markings that will result from any breeding or if the breeding will be successful and produce puppies at all.

Waiting List Factors:

We receive frequent inquiries on the size of our waiting list or the approximate time it may take for a buyer to get to their puppy from us. The size of the list is not always a factor in the selection process. Buyers may pass (see below) on a puppy that is exactly what another buyer desires. Because of this, we cannot predict exactly when a puppy will be available. It could be 1 month or a full year. We do limit the wait list to 6 people per expected litter. This means if we have 3 litters expected in the next 12 months the wait list will be “full” once we have 18 folks on it – 9 for male puppies & 9 for female puppies. This in no way guarantees that 9 male & 9 female puppies will be available over the course of 12 months but with boxers a litter average of 7-9 pups is quite common & odds are in favor of a 50/50 average split on gender.

There are many reasons that people on the wait list pass on a puppy. Some of the reasons we’ve heard are: ‘We are not ready for a puppy at this time’, ‘This litter didn’t have exactly what we are looking for’, ‘We just found out we are going to have a baby’, ‘We moved & don’t yet have a fence, ‘An illness prevents us from taking a puppy right now’, ‘Our current dog just had an expensive vet bill’, and so on. Sometimes we will have several folks on the wait list that haven’t chosen a puppy yet we have puppies available to the public. This means you don’t have to place a deposit in advance to get a puppy from us, doing so just greatly increases your chances of getting exactly what you want a bit quicker!

Litter Planning & Timing:

We list all planned litters for the next year on the Planned Litters page on our website & in the coming soon photo album on our Facebook page with an approximate expected due date and the color possibilities. Once we have a confirmed breeding, we will post updates. We do ultrasounds around day 30 of gestation to confirm pregnancy & get an approximate puppy count. Gestation is 58 to 65 days from the date of conception & most of the time breeding occurs 5-7 days in a row so the due date window could be nearly 2 weeks. Once a litter is born, we will announce it on Facebook & Instagram, usually with live, up to the minute updates as the litter is being born. The litter will also be announced on the Available Boxers page of our website, usually within 24 hours.

For the most up to date updates on any upcoming litter, we strongly recommend that you both Like & Follow the Roper's Boxers Facebook page.

Placement & Picking Procedures:

Once a litter is born we will notify deposit holders in order based on gender & color preferences & you will have 48 hours to choose your puppy from those that match your requests & complete the puppy purchase agreement for that puppy. If you wish to wait longer to choose your puppy we will move on to the next person on the list until we’ve made it through the top 6 on the list. This means you are forfeiting your place in line & you could go from 1st pick to 6th if you choose to wait. No one beyond the top 6 will be offered choice from the litter until the litter is 3 weeks old. At 3 weeks of age, those not chosen by the top 6 on the list will be offered to those further down the list in order of deposits received. If you don’t choose a puppy by 3 weeks of age you can choose to transfer your deposit & wait for another litter or wait until the puppies that aren’t chosen by wait list folks are listed to the public. If you don't choose a puppy from the available litter, your deposit will be transferred. Deposits may be transferred to another litter as many times as needed until you find the right puppy for your family. Should you choose to transfer your deposit you may or may not receive the same picking order as before. Transfers are placed at the highest available spot behind those who already has a deposit placed.

Roper’s Boxers reserves the right to 1st pick from every litter, regardless of wait list status. We may choose to hold several puppies for several weeks while we choose the pup(s) that we are going to retain. We also reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason or to cancel a sale at any time if we feel that it is in the best interest of our puppy to do so.

If you have questions please contact us, either via email, messenger, or just give us a call!